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Luo Life Australia: Sudan Crisis Relief Project

Sudan is at war and it is affecting the civilian population. Kids, women and the old are fleeing the war zone. Immediate assistance is paramount for the survival of these displaced people. Some are fleeing on foot . It is a dire situation. As a charity organizations based in Australia with global operations, we are deeply concerned by the ongoing hostilities in Sudan and the affects it has caused on the local civilians. We have therefore launched this project to join hands with other international non-profit organizations  in efforts to evacuate, provide relief food and shelter to both South Sudanese and others fleeing the Khartoum  warzone. The fight in Sudan is between two generals that continue to bomb the city with no regards to the local population. Houses, hospitals, airports and almost all other civilian infrastructure has been destroyed. Almost all other nations have flown their citizens out of this warzone. We are supporting refugees fleeing war zone from North Sudan. A lot of the refugees continue to arrive in South Sudan in large numbers but there are no proper services in place to support them. It is projected about 300,000 refugees have fled Sudan to neighboring  countries including South Sudan. Some of the people coming from North Sudan are of South Sudanese origins returning home to seek safety and shelter.  Currently it is estimated that more than two million Sudanese are considered internally displaced people (IDP). We plan to supply basic shelter, relief food and also support North Sudanese refugees. This is a challenging situation that calls for immediate support, anything little you contribute to this cause will feed a child and a mother. Our focus is to feed those that have nothing to eat, organize shelters by providing tents and water supply, All this can be done though your support. To ensure refugees could self sustain, we will also provide protection and training through workshops, education and social services.  As part of our mission, we are dedicated to supporting refugees and asylum seekers. We are going to partner with other groups to provide advice, advocacy and practical assistance including housing support and access to essential services. You agree with us that the availability and quality of services provided by each organization may vary depending on the region and specific circumstances. As such, we have determined that shelters for both returnee and refugees is an imminent need. Therefore we request and appreciate your donation and support; little by little, it will help put a smile on someone's face. Thank you for your kindness. Our team will be working closely with WFP to ensure the shelter and food support that we donate reaches the most affected as fast as possible. This crisis has affected innocent civilians, including women and children. We plan to have the capacity to provide over half a million tents, access to food, water supply and awareness. Thank you for supporting this project by donating using the link below:

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